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Institute of Neuroscience
As part of a major drive for excellence in basic research in the new millennium, the Chinese Academy of Sciences founded the Institute of Neuroscience (ION) on November 27, 1999. The ......
Distributed Representation of Curvilinear Self-Motion in Macaque Parietal Cortex
In a recent study published online on April 21st in Cell reports, Dr. GU's lab at the Institute of Neuroscience, unveiled that single neurons in three cortical areas: the dorsal portion of the medial superior temporal area (MSTd), ventral intraparietal area (VIP), and visual posterior sylvian fissure (VPS), can integrate the translation and rotation signals with linear weights to represent curvilinear self-motion perception.....
Sonic hedgehog is a regulator of extracellular glutamate levels and epilepsy
In a recent study, researchers at the Institute of Neuroscience, reported that sonic hedgehog (Shh) inhibits glutamate transporter activities in neurons to rapidly enhance extracellular glutamate levels and affect the development of epilepsy. ....
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