Clement Lena, Ph.D.
The cerebellum, a major -but often neglected- partner of the cerebral.
Institute of Neuroscience
As part of a major drive for excellence in basic research in the new millennium, the Chinese Academy of Sciences founded the Institute of Neuroscience (ION) on November 27, 1999. The ......
Functional Circuits Regulating the Activity of Serotonergic Neurons
A recent study published in Cell Reports systematically analyzed the circuit mechanism underlying dynamic control of serotonergic neuron in the rodent brain. This work was performed by researchers in Dr. SUN Yangang’s Lab. This work advanced our understanding of the mechanisms regulating the serotonin system, which could have important impact on studying the mechanisms of mental disorder. ....
Monkeys Spontaneously Show Mirror Self-Recognition after Learning Precise Instrumental Mirror Use
A recent study published in PNAS demonstrated that monkeys showed spontaneous mirror self-recognition (MSR) behaviors after learning precise visual-proprioceptive association for mirror images. This work was performed by researchers in Dr. GONG Neng’s team. ....
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