3月6日Journal Club

  3月6日Journal Club 

  Time: 6:30pm, 2014/3/6 (Thursday)

  Place: Room430, ION Building

  Speaker: Chen Cheng (陈成)

  We have invited Chen Cheng from Yao, Hai-Shan to give a lecture in this week. The theme is  normalization in Sensory and Value Coding.


  Normalization is a form of neural computation, in which the neural responses are divided by a factor which typically includes the summed activity of a pool of neurons. Ever since the 1990s, normalization has been proposed to explain the nonlinear properties of neural responses in a variety of sensory modalities and in multisensory integration. Very recently, a growing body of evidence has suggested that brain can also compute a normalized value code to make decisions. In the journal club this week, she will first review the key studies on normalization in both sensory and value systems, and then discuss their implications for the canonical neural computation in the brain. Welcome to join us!

  Suggested readings :

  1. Carandini M and Heeger DJ (2012). "Normalization as a canonical neural computation." Nature Reviews Neuroscience 13(1): 51-62.

  2. Rangel A and Clithero JA (2012). "Value normalization in decision making: theory and evidence." Current opinion in neurobiology 22(6): 970-981.

  3. Louie K, Khaw MW and Glimcher PW. (2013). "Normalization is a general neural mechanism for context-dependent decision making." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 110(15): 6139-6144.