11月28日Journal Club

  11月28日Journal Club 

  Speaker: Liu Kefei

  Place: 430,ION building

  Time:6:30pm, this thursday

  It's time to Journal Club. A fundamental problem in neuroscience concerns how information is encoded by the neural  architecture of the brain. What are the units of computation and how is information represented at the neural level? An important part of the answers to these questions is that information are encoded not only by single cells, but also by populations or clusters of cells. This encoding trategy is known as population coding, and turns out to be common throughout the nervous system. This time we will discusse some population coding problems, including neural correlation, bayesian inference, information theory and local field potential analysis.

  Here are four papers introduce neural correlation, bayesian inference, information processing of population codes and local field potential, respectively, which will help you to know more about population codes if needed.