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Yang, L., & Gu, Y.* (2017) Distinct spatial coordinate of visual and vestibular heading signals in macaque FEFsem and MSTd. eLife 10.7554
Yin, J., Gao, G., Liu, X., Hao, Z., Li, K., Kang, X., Li, H., Shan, Y., Hu, W., Li, H., Cai, S.* (2017) Genetic variation in glia–neuron signalling modulates ageing rate. Nature 551:198–203
Qiu, Z.*(2017) Deciphering MECP2-associated disorders: disrupted circuits and the hope for repair. Curr. Opin. Neurobiol. 48: 30-36. (Review)
Tan, G., Liu, Y., Wang, L., Li, K., Zhang, Z., Li, H., Yang, Z., Li, Y., Li, D., Wu, M., Yu, C., Long, J., Chen, R., Li, L., Yin, L., Liu, J., Cheng, X., Shen, Q., Shu, Y., Sakimura, K., Liao, L., Wu, Z., Xiong, Z.*(2017) PRRT2 deficiency induces paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia by regulating synaptic transmission in cerebellum. Cell Res. In press.
Li Y.,Wang Y. and Cui H.* (2017) Eye-hand coordination during flexible manual interception of an abruptly appearing, moving target. J. Neurophy. In press.
Cheng, T.*, and Qiu, Z.* (2017) Long non-coding RNA tagging and expression manipulation via CRISPR/Cas9-mediated targeted insertion. Protein Cell In press.
Tian, Y., Yang, C., Shang, S., Cai, Y., Deng, X., Zhang, J., Shao, F., Zhu, D., Liu, Y., Chen, G., Liang, J.*, Sun, Q.*, Qiu, Z.*, and Zhang, C.* (2017) Loss of FMRP impaired hippocampal long-term plasticity and spatial learning in rats. Front. Mol. Neurosci. 10: 269.
Mu, D., and Sun, Y.* (2017) Itch induces conditioned place aversion in mice. Neurosci. Lett. 658: 91-96.
Yang, Y., Qin, M., Bao, P., Xu, W., and Xu, J.* (2017) Secretory carrier membrane protein 5 is an autophagy inhibitor that promotes the secretion of α-synuclein via exosome. PLoS One 12: e0180892.
Han, Y., Li, X., Wang, S., Wei, Y., and Xu, X.* (2017) Presence of pups suppresses hunger-induced feeding in virgin adult mice of both sexes. Neuroscience 362: 228-238.
Wei, Y., Wang, S., and Xu, X.* (2017) Sex differences in brain-derived neurotrophic factor signaling: Functions and implications. J. Neurosci. Res. 95: 336-344. (Review)
Liu, F., and Chang, H.* (2017) Physiological links of circadian clock and biological clock of aging. Protein Cell 8: 477-488. (Review)
Liu, H., Sang, S., Lu, Y., Wang, Z., Yu, X.*, and Zhong, C.* (2017) Thiamine metabolism is critical for regulating correlated growth of dendrite arbors and neuronal somata. Sci. Rep. 7: 5342.
Lu, S., and Zhou, J.* (2017) Finding the 'guilty' gene variant of sporadic parkinson's disease via CRISPR/Cas9. Neurosci. Bull. 33: 115-117. (Research Highlight)
Li, K., Cai, B., Li, C., and Zhang, X.* (2017) Presynaptic inhibition of nociceptive neurotransmission by somatosensory neuron-secreted suppressors. Sci. China Life Sci. 60: 1013-1018. (Review)
Li, C., Wang, S., Chen, Y., and Zhang, X.* (2017) Somatosensory neuron typing with high-coverage single-cell RNA sequencing and functional analysis. Neurosci. Bull. In press. (Review)
Wen, Z., Cheng, T., Li, G., Sun, S., Yu, S., Zhang, Y.*, Du, Y.*, Qiu, Z.* (2017) Identification of Autism-Related MECP2 Mutations by Whole Exome Sequencing and Functional Validation. Mol. Autism 8:43.
Cong, Li., Wang, Z., Chai, Y., Hang, W., Shang, C., Yang, W., Bai, L., Du, J., Wang, K.*, Wen, Q.* (2017) Rapid whole brain imaging of neural activity in freely behaving larval zebrafish (Danio rerio). eLife In press
Yang, K., Yu, B., Cheng, C., Cheng, T., Yuan, B., Li, K., Xiao, J., Qiu, Z.*, Zhou, Y.*(2017) Mir505-3p regulates axonal development via inhibiting the autophagy pathway by targeting Atg12. Autophagy 13:1679-1696.
Mu, D., Deng, J., Liu, K., Wu, Z., Shi, Y., Guo, W., Mao, Q., Liu, X., Li, H., Sun, Y.*(2017)A central neural circuit for itch sensation. Science 357:695-699
Wu, D., Deng, H., Xiao, X., Zuo, Y., Sun, J. & Wang, Z.* (2017) Persistent neuronal activity in anterior cingulate cortex correlates with sustained attention in rats regardless of sensory modality. Sci. Rep. 7:43101.
Lv, Q., Wang, Z., Zhang, C., Fan, Q., Zeljic, K., Sun, B., Xiao, Z.*, Wang, Z.* Divergent structural responses to pharmacological interventions in orbitofronto-striato-thalamic and premotor circuits in obsessive-compulsive disorder. E. Bio. Medicine 22:242-248.
Zhang, D., Yu, B., Liu, J., Jiang, W., Xie, T., Zhang, R., Tong, D., Qiu, Z. and Yao, H.* (2017) Altered visual cortical processing in a mouse model of MECP2 duplication syndrome. Sci. Rep. 7: 6468.
Yin, D., Liu, W., Zeljic, K., Lv, Q., Wang, Z., You, M., Men, W., Fan, M., Cheng, W.*, Wang, Z.*.Failure in cognitive suppression of negative affect in adolescents with generalized anxiety disorder. Sci. Rep. 7:6583.
Zhou, T., Zhu, H., Fan, Z., Wang, F., Chen, Y., Liang, H., Yang, Z., Zhang, L., Lin, L., Zhan, Y., Wang, Z., and Hu, H.* (2017) History of winning remodels thalamo-PFC circuit to reinforce social dominance. Science 357: 162-168.
Yao, X., Wang, X., Liu, J., Hu, X., Shi, L., Shen, X., Ying, W., Sun, X., Wang, X., Huang, P.*, and Yang, H.* (2017) CRISPR/Cas9 - mediated precise targeted integration in vivo using a double cut donor with short homology arms. E Bio Medicine 20: 19-26.
Li, M., Miao, W., Wu, Q., He, S., Yan, G., Yang, Y., Liu, J., Taketo, M., Yu, X.*(2017) A critical role of presynaptic Cadherin/Catenin/p140cap complexes in stabilizing spines and functional synapses in the neocortex. Neuron 94:1155-1172
Zuo, E., Cai, Y., Li, K., Wei, Y., Wang, B., Sun, Y., Liu, Z., Liu, J., Hu, X., Wei, W., Huo, X., Shi, L., Tang, C., Liang, D., Wang, Y., Nie, Y., Zhang, C., Yao, X., Wang, X., Zhou, C., Ying, W., Wang, Q., Chen, R., Shen, Q., Xu, G., Li, J., Sun, Q.*, Xiong, Z.* and Yang,H.* (2017)  One-step generation of complete gene knockout mice and monkeys by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing with multiple sgRNAs. Cell Res. 27:933-945.
Yao, X., Wang, X.,  Hu, X.,  Liu, Z., Liu, J., Zhou, H., Shen, X.,  Wei, Y.,  Huang, Z., Ying, W., Wang, Y., Nie, Y., Zhang, C., Li, S., Cheng, L., Wang, Q., Wu, Y., Huang, P., Sun, Q.*, Shi, L.*, and Yang, H.*(2017) Homology-mediated end joining-based targeted integration using CRISPR/Cas9. Cell Res. 27:801-814.
Tang, X., Gao, J., Jia, X., Zhao, W., Zhang, Y., Pan, W., He, J.* (2017) Bipotent progenitors as embryonic origin of retinal stem cells. J. Cell. Biol. 216:1833-1847.
Wang, L., Li, M., Qu, C., Miao, W., Yin, Q., Liao, J., Cao, H., Huang, M., Wang, K., Zuo, E., Peng, G., Zhang, S., Chen, G., Li, Q., Tang, K., Yu, Q., Li, Z., Wong, C., Xu, G., Jing, N., Yu, X.* & Li, J.* (2017) CRISPR-Cas9-mediated genome editing in one blastomere of two-cell embryos reveals a novel Tet3 function in regulating neocortical development. Cell Res. 27:815-829.
Yu, G., Yang, M., Yu, P., Dorris M.* (2017) Time compression of visual perception around microsaccades. J. Neurophysiol. 118:416-424.
Xu, B., Zhang, Y., Du, X., Li, J., Zi, H., Bu, J., Yan, Y., Han, H., Du, J.* (2017). Neurons secrete miR-132-containing exosomes to regulate brain vascular integrity. Cell Res. 27:882-897.
Fan, Z., Zhao, M., Joshi, P., Li, P., Zhang, Y., Guo, W., Xu, Y., Wang, H., Zhao, Z., Yan, J.* (2017) A class of circadian long non-coding RNAs mark enhancers modulating long-range circadian gene regulation. Nucleic. Acids. Res. 45:5720-5738.
Wang, M., Li, H., Takumi, T., Qiu, Z., Xu, X.*, Yu, X.*, and Bian, W.* (2017) Distinct defects in spine formation or pruning in two gene duplication mouse models of autism. Neurosci. Bull. 33: 143-152.
Wen, Z., Cheng, T., Yin, Z., Sun, S., Wang, Z., Yu, S., Zhang, Y.*, Qiu, Z.*, and Du, Y.* (2017) Identification of the genetic cause for childhood disintegrative disorder by whole-exome sequencing. Neurosci. Bull. 33: 251-254.
Yu, X.*, Qiu, Z.*, and Zhang, D.* (2017) Recent research progress in autism spectrum disorder. Neurosci. Bull. 33: 125-129. (Review)
Qiu, Z.*, and Li, X. (2017) Non-human primate models for brain disorders - towards genetic manipulations via innovative technology. Neurosci. Bull. 33: 247-250. (Review)
Ma, S., Sun, R., Jiang, B., Gao, J., Deng, W., Liu, P., He, R., Cui, J., Ji, M., Yi, W., Yang, P., Wu, X., Xiong, Y., Qiu, Z.*, Ye, D.*, Guan, K.*(2017)L2hgdh deficiency accumulates L-2-hydroxyglutarate with progressive leukoencephalopathy and neurodegeneration. Mol. Cell. Biol 37:e00492-16.
Zhou, L., Liu, M., Li, Q., Deng, J., Mu, D., Sun, Y.*(2017) Organization of Functional Long-Range Circuits Controlling the Activity of Serotonergic Neurons in the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus. Cell Rep. 18:3018-3032.
Cheng, T.*, Chen, J., Wan, H., Tang, B., Tian, W., Liao, L.*, and Qiu, Z.* (2017) Regulation of mRNA splicing by MeCP2 via epigenetic modifications in the brain. Sci. Rep. 7: 42790.
Li, Y., Xu, J., Liu, Y., Zhu, J., Liu, N., Zeng, W., Huang, N., Rasch, M., Jiang, H., Gu, X., Li, X., Luo, M., Li, C., Teng, J., Chen, J., Zeng, S., Lin, L. & Zhang, X.* (2017) A distinct entorhinal cortex to hippocampal CA1 direct circuit for olfactory associative learning. Nat. Neurosci. 20:559-570.
Chang, L., Zhang, S., Poo, M.*, Gong, N.*(2017) Spontaneous expression of mirror self-recognition in monkeys after learning precise visual-proprioceptive association for mirror images. PNAS 20:559-570.
Yang, Z., Li, P., Chen, R., Wang, J., Wang, S.,  Shen, Y., Wu, X., Fang, B., Cheng, X.*, Xiong, Z.*(2017) ADAM10-Initiated release of notch intracellular domain regulates microtubule stability and radial migration of cortical neurons. Cereb. Cortex. 27:919-932.
Dang, T., Duan, W., Yu, B., Tong, D., Cheng, C., Zhang, Y., Wu, W., Ye, K., Zhang, W., Wu, M., Wu, B., An, Y., Qiu, Z.*, Wu, B.*, (2017) Autism-associated Dyrk1a truncation mutants impair neuronal dendritic and spine growth and interfere with postnatal cortical development. Mol. Psychiatr. In press.
Zhang, B., Yao, Y., Zhang, H., Kawakami, K. and Du, J.* (2017). Left habenula mediates light-preference behavior in zebrafish via an asymmetrical visual pathway. Neuron  93:914-928.
Chen, Z., Li, X., Zhou, J., Yuan, B., Yu, B., Tong, D., Cheng, C., Shao, Y., Xia, S., Zhang, R., Lyu, J., Yu, X., Dong, C., Zhou, W., Qiu, Z.*(2017)Accumulated quiescent neural stem cells in adult hippocampus of the mouse model for the MECP2 duplication syndrome. Sci. Rep. 7:41701.
Yang, L., Dong, F., Yang, Q., Yang, P., Wu, R., Wu, Q., Wu, D., Li, C., Zhong, Y., Lu, Y., Cheng, X., Xu, F., Chen, L., Bao, L., Zhang, X.* (2017) FGF13 Selectively Regulates Heat Nociception by Interacting with Nav1.7. Neuron 93:806-821.
Zhang S., Duan L., He S., Zhuang G., Yu X.* (2017) Phosphatidylinositol 3,4-bisphosphate regulates neurite initiation and dendrite morphogenesis via actin aggregation. Cell Res. 27:253-273.
Li, H., Liu, X., Andolina, I.*, Li, X., Lu, Y., Spillmann, L., and Wang, W.* (2017) Asymmetries of Dark and Bright Negative Afterimages Are Paralleled by Subcortical ON and OFF Post-Stimulus Responses. J. Neurosci. 37:1984-1996.
Li, K., Jiang, Q., Bai, X., Yang, Y., Ruan, M., Cai, S.* (2017)Tetrameric Assembly of K+ Channels Requires ER-Located Chaperone Proteins. Mol. Cell 65:52-65
Yu, X., Hou, H., Spillmann, L., Gu, Y.* (2017) Causal evidence of motion signals in macaque middle temporal area weighted-pooled for global heading perception. Cereb. Cortex. In press
Wang, W.*, Andolina, I.*, Lu, Y., Jones, H., Sillito, A. (2017) Focal Gain Control of Thalamic Visual Receptive Fields by Layer 6 Corticothalamic Feedback. Cereb. Cortex. In press.
Wang, Z., Zeljic, K., Jiang, Q., Gu, Y., Wang, W., Wang, Z.* (2017) Dynamic Network Communication in the Human Functional Connectome Predicts Perceptual Variability in Visual Illusion. Cereb. Cortex. In press.
Yuan, B., Cheng, T., Yang, K., Zhang, X., and Qiu, Z.* (2017) Autism-related protein MeCP2 regulates FGF13 expression and emotional behaviors. J. Genet. Genomics 44:63-66.
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