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Cheng, Z. & Gu, Y.* (2018) Vestibular system and self-motion. Front. Cell. Neurosci. In press. (review)
Zhang, Y., Yan, A., Liu, B., Wan, Y., Zhao, Y., Liu, Y., Tan, J., Song, L., Gu, Y.* and Liu, Z.* (2018) Oculomotor performances are associated With motor and non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease. Front Neurol. In press.
Wang, L.*, Amalric, M., Fang, W., Jiang X., Pallier, C., Figueira, S., Sigman, M., Dehaene, S*. (2018) Representation of spatial sequences using nested rules in human prefrontal cortex. Neuroimage.186:245-255.
Li, X., Han, Y., Zhang, W., Wang, S., Wei, Y., Li, S., Lin, J., Yan, J., Chen, A., Zhang, X., Zhao, Z., Shen,  W. and Xu, X.*(2018) Agrp neurons project to the medial preoptic area and modulate maternal nest-building. J. Neurosci. In press.
Yin, C.*, Li, X., and Du, J.* (2018)Optic tectal superficial interneurons detect motion in larval zebrafish. Protein & Cell In press.
Jiao, Z., Shang, C.*, Wang, Y., Yang, Z., Yang, C., Li, F., Xie, J., Pan, J., Fu, L.*, and Du, J.*(2018) All-optical imaging and manipulation of whole-brain neuronal activities in behaving larval zebrafish. Biomed. Opt. Express 9:6154-6169.
Yao, J., Zhang, Q., Liao, X., Li, Q., Liang, S., Li, X., Zhang, Y., Li, X., Wang, H., Qin, H., Wang, M., Li, J., Zhang, J., He, W., Zhang, W., Li, T., Xu, F., Gong, H., Jia, H., Xu, X.*, Yan, J. *, Chen, X. * (2018) A corticopontine circuit for initiation of urination. Nat. Neurosci. 21:1541-1550
Jiang, X., Zhang, T., Wang, H., Wang, T., Qin, M., Bao,P., Wang, R., Liu, Y., Chang, H., Yan, J. and Xu, J.*(2018)Neurodegeneration-associated FUS is a novel regulator of circadian gene expression. Transl. Neurodegener. 7:24
Su, J., Huang, P., Qin, M., Lu, Q., Sang, X., Cai, Y., Wang, Y., Liu, F., Wu, R., Wang, X., Jiang, X., Wang, J., Sun, Q., Chen, S.*, Xu, J.*(2018) Reduction of HIP2 expression causes motor function impairment and increased vulnerability to dopaminergic degeneration in Parkinson's disease models. Cell Death Dis. 9:1020.

Hu, J., Ma, H., Zhu, S., Li, P., Xu, H., Fang, Y., Chen, M., Han, C., Fang, C., Cai, X., Yan, K. and Lu, H. *(2018)Visual Motion Processing in Macaque V2. Cell rep. 25:157-167

Zhang, H., Pan, H., Zhou, C., Wei, Y., Ying, W., Li, S., Wang, G., Li, C., Ren, Y., Li, G., Ding, X., Sun, Y., Li, G., Song, L., Li, Y., Yang, H.*, Liu, Z.* (2018) Simultaneous zygotic inactivation of multiple genes in mouse through CRISPR/Cas9-mediated base editing. Development. In press

Yuan, L., Liang, T., Deng, J. and Sun, Y.* (2018) Dynamics and functional role of dopaminergic neurons in the ventral tegmental area during itch processing. J. Neurosci. In press.

Duan, L.,  Zhang, X.,  Miao, W.,  Sun, Y., Xiong, G., Wu, Q., Li, G., Yang, P., Yu, H., Li, H., Wang, Y., Zhang, M., Hu, L., Tong, X., Zhou, W., Yu, X.* (2018) PDGFRβ cells rapidly relay inflammatory signal from the circulatory system to neurons via chemokine CCL2. Neuron 100:183-200.
Bai, X., Li, K., Yao, L., Kang, X., Cai, S.* (2018) A forward genetic screen identifies chaperone CNX-1 as a conserved biogenesis regulator of ERG K+ channels. J. Gen. Physiol. 150:1189-1201.

Jiang, Q., Li, K., Lu, W., Li, S., Chen, X., Liu, X., Yuan, J., Ding, Q., Lan, F.* & Cai, S.*(2018) Identification of small-molecule ion channel modulators in C. elegans channelopathy models. Nat. Commun. 9:3941

Yu, X. and Gu, Y.* (2018) Probing sensory readout via combined choice correlation measure and microstimulation perturbation. Neuron 100:715-727.
Zhang, Y., Xu, B., Chen, Q., Yan, Y., Du, J.*, Du X.* (2018). Apoptosis of endothelial cells contributes to brain vessel pruning of zebrafish during development. Front. Mol. Neurosci. 11:222.
Du, X.*, Xu, B., Zhang, Y., Chen, M., and Du, J.* (2018). A transgenic zebrafish model for in vivo long-term imaging of retinotectal synaptogenesis. Sci. Rep. 8:14077
Du, W., Zhang, R.*, Li, J., Zhang, B., Peng, X., Cao, S., Yuan, J., Yuan, C., Yu, T.*, Du, J.* (2018). The locus coeruleus modulates intravenous general anesthesia of zebrafish via a cooperative mechanism. Cell Rep. 24:3146-3155.
Zhang, T., Jiang, X., Xu, M., Wang, H., Sang, X., Qin, M., Bao, P., Wang, R., Zhang, C., Lu, H., Li, Y., Ren, J., Chang, H., Yan, J., Sun, Q.*, Xu, J.* (2018) Sleep and circadian abnormalities precede cognitive deficits in R521C FUS knockin rats. Neurobiol. Aging 72:159-170.
Chen, X., Zhang, C., Li, Y., Lv, Q., Zeljic, K., Huang, P., Jin, H., Chen, S., Sun, B.*, Wang, Z.*(2018)Functional connectivity-based modelling simulates subject-specific network effects of focal brain stimulation. Neurosci. Bull. In press.
Xu, W., Xu, J.*(2018) C9orf72 dipeptide repeats cause selective neurodegeneration and cell-autonomous excitotoxicity in Drosophila glutamatergic neurons. J. Neurosci.  38:7741-7752.
Liu, Z., Lu, Z., Yang, G., Huang, S., Li, G., Feng, S., Liu, Y., Li, J., Yu, W., Zhang, Y., Chen, J., Sun, Q.* & Huang, X.* (2018) Efficient generation of mouse models of human diseases via ABE- and BE-mediated base editing. Nat. Commun. 9:2338
Zhang, Q., Li, H., Chen, M., Guo, A., Wen, Y.* and Poo, M.* (2018) Functional organization of intrinsic and feedback presynaptic inputs in the primary visual cortex. PNAS 115:5174-5182
Jiang, X., Long, T., Cao, W., Li, J., Dehaene, S., Wang, L.* (2018) Production of supra-regular spatial sequences by macaque monkeys. Curr. Boil. 28: 1851–1859
Yao, X., Cheng, X., Wang, C., Zhao, M., Guo, X., Su, H., Lai, L., Zou, X., Chen, X., Zhao, Y., Dong, E., Lu, Y., Wu, S., Li, X., Fan, G., Yu, H., Xu, J., Wang, N.*, Xiong, Z.*, Chen, W.* (2018) Biallelic mutations in MYORG cause autosomal recessive primary familial brain calcification. Neuron 98:1116-1123.
Li, C., Shu, Y., Wang, G., Zhang, H., Lu, Y., Li, X., Li, G., Song, L., Liu, Z.* (2018) Characterizing a novel vGlut3-P2A-iCreER knockin mouse strain in cochlea. Hearing Res. 364: 12-24.
Yao, X., Wang, X., Liu, J., Shi, L., Huang, P.*, and Yang, H.* (2018) CRISPR/Cas9-mediated targeted integration in vivo using a homology-mediated end joining-based strategy. J. Vis. Exp. 133: e56844.
Yao, X.*, Zhang, M., Wang, X., Ying, W., Hu, X., Dai, P., Meng, F., Shi, L., Sun, Y., Yao, N., Zhong, W., Li, Y., Wu, K., Li, W.*, Chen, Z.*, Yang, H.* (2018) Tild-CRISPR allows for efficient and precise gene knockin in mouse and human cells. Dev. Cell 45:526–536
Gu, Y.*(2018)Vestibular signals in primate cortex for self-motion perception. Curr. Opin. Neurobiol. 52:10-17 (Review)
Yin, D., Zhang, C., Lv, Q., Chen, X., Zeljic, K., Gong, H., Zhan, S., Jin, H., Wang, Z.*, Sun, B.* (2018)Dissociable frontostriatal connectivity: mechanism and predictor of the clinical efficacy of capsulotomy in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Biol. Psychiat. In Press.
Li, F., Jiang, W., Wang, T., Xie, T., Yao, H.*(2018) Phase-specific surround suppression in mouse primary visual cortex correlates with figure detection behavior based on phase discontinuity. Neuroscience 379:359-374.
Duan, C.*, Pan, Y., Yu, G.* (2018) Onset matters: how collicular activity relates to saccade initiation during cortical cooling. J. Neurosci. 38: 3616-3618.(Review)
Lu, Y., Yin, J., Chen, Z., Gong, H., Liu, Y., Qian, L., Li, X., Liu, R., Andolina, I., Wang, W.* (2018) Revealing detail along the visual hierarchy: neural clustering preserves acuity from V1 into V4. Neuron 98:417-428.
Tian, Y., Yang, C., Cui, Y., Su, F., Wang, Y., Wang, Y., Yuan, P., Shang, S., Li, H., Zhao, J., Zhu, D., Tang, S., Cao, P., Liu, Y., Wang, X., Wang, L., Zeng, W., Jiang, H., Zhao, F., Luo, M., Xiong, W., Qiu, Z.*, Li, X.*, and Zhang, C.* (2018) An excitatory neural assembly encodes short-term memory in the prefrontal cortex. Cell Rep. 22: 1734-1744.
Zhu, Z., Liu, J., Li, K., Zheng, J., and Xiong, Z.* (2018) KPNB1 inhibition disrupts proteostasis and triggers unfolded protein response-mediated apoptosis in glioblastoma cells. Oncogene 37:2936-2952.
Hu, C., Xu, X.*, Xiong, G., Xu, Q., Zhou, B., Li, C., Qin, Q., Liu, C., Li, H., Sun, Y.*, and Yu, X.* (2018) Alterations in plasma cytokine levels in chinese children with autism spectrum disorder. Autism Res. 11:989-999.
Zhou, N., Qin, S., Liu, Y., Tang, L., Zhao, W., Pan, C., Qiu, Z.*, Wang, X.*, and Shu, X.* (2018) Whole-exome sequencing identifies rare compound heterozygous mutations in the MYBPC3 gene associated with severe familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Eur. J. Med. Genet. 61:434-441.
Dang, T., Duan, W., Yu, B., Tong, D., Cheng, C., Zhang, Y., Wu, W., Ye, K., Zhang, W., Wu, M., Wu, B., An, Y., Qiu, Z.*, and Wu, B.* (2018) Autism-associated Dyrk1a truncation mutants impair neuronal dendritic and spine growth and interfere with postnatal cortical development. Mol. Psychiatr. 23: 747-758.
Han, Z., Zhang, X., Zhu, J., Chen, Y., and Li, C.* (2018) High-throughput automatic training system for odor-based learned behaviors in head-fixed mice. Front. Neural Circuits 12: 15.
Xie, Y., Nie, C., Yang, T.* (2018) Covert Shift of Attention Modulates the Value Encoding in the Orbitofrontal. eLife 7:e31507.
Zhang, Z., Cheng, Z., Lin, Z., Nie, C., Yang, T.* (2018) A neural network model for the orbitofrontal cortex and task space acquisition during reinforcement learning. PLOS Comput. Biol. 14:e1005925.
Zhou, J.* (2018) Global Neuroscience: China. ACS Chem. Neurosci. 9:138-139. (Editorial)
Liu, Z., Cai, Y., Wang, Y., Nie, Y., Zhang, C., Xu, Y., Zhang, X., Lu, Y., Wang, Z., Poo, M., Sun, Q.*(2018) Cloning of Macaque Monkeys by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. Cell 172:881-887.
Wei, Y., Wang, S., Jiao, Z., Zhang, W., Lin, J., Li, X., Li, S., Zhang, X. & Xu, X.* (2018) Medial preoptic area in mice is capable of mediating sexually dimorphic behaviors regardless of gender. Nat. Commun. 9:279
Zhou, H., Liu, J., Zhou, C., Gao, N., Rao, Z., Li, H., Hu, X., Li, C., Yao, X., Shen, X., Sun, Y., Wei, Y., Liu, F., Ying, W., Zhang, J., Tang, C., Zhang, X., Xu, H., Shi, L., Cheng, L., Huang, P.*, Yang, H.* (2018) In vivo simultaneous transcriptional activation of multiple genes in the brain using CRISPR–dCas9-activator transgenic mice. Nat. Neurosci. 21:440-446.
Yao, X., Liu, Z., Wang, X., Wang, Y., Nie, Y., Lai, L., Sun, R., Shi, L., Sun, Q.*, Yang, H.* (2018) Generation of knock-in cynomolgus monkey via CRISPR/Cas9 editing. Cell Res. 28:379-382.
Fang, Y., Chen, M., Xu, H., Li, P., Han, C., Hu, J., Zhu, S., Ma, H., and Lu, H.* (2018) An orientation map for disparity-defined edges in area V4. Cereb. Cortex In press.
Li, X., Yu, B., Sun, Q., Zhang, Y., Ren, M., Zhang, X., Li, A., Yuan, J., Madisen, L., Luo, Q., Zeng, H., Gong, H.* and Qiu, Z.*(2018) Generation of a whole-brain atlas for the cholinergic system and mesoscopic projectome analysis of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons. PNAS 115:415-420.
Tan, G., Liu, Y., Wang, L., Li, K., Zhang, Z., Li, H., Yang, Z., Li, Y., Li, D., Wu, M., Yu, C., Long, J., Chen, R., Li, L., Yin, L., Liu, J., Cheng, X., Shen, Q., Shu, Y., Sakimura, K., Liao, L., Wu, Z., Xiong, Z.*(2018) PRRT2 deficiency induces paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia by regulating synaptic transmission in cerebellum. Cell Res. 28:90-110.
Li Y.,Wang Y. and Cui H.* (2018) Eye-hand coordination during flexible manual interception of an abruptly appearing, moving target. J. Neurophy. 119:221-234.
Cheng, T.*, and Qiu, Z.* (2018) Long non-coding RNA tagging and expression manipulation via CRISPR/Cas9-mediated targeted insertion. Protein Cell 9:820-825.
Li, C., Wang, S., Chen, Y., and Zhang, X.* (2018) Somatosensory neuron typing with high-coverage single-cell RNA sequencing and functional analysis. Neurosci. Bull. 34:200-207. (Review)
Yu, X., Hou, H., Spillmann, L., Gu, Y.* (2018) Causal evidence of motion signals in macaque middle temporal area weighted-pooled for global heading perception. Cereb. Cortex. 28:612-624.
Wang, W.*, Andolina, I.*, Lu, Y., Jones, H., Sillito, A. (2018) Focal Gain Control of Thalamic Visual Receptive Fields by Layer 6 Corticothalamic Feedback. Cereb. Cortex. 28:267-280.
Wang, Z., Zeljic, K., Jiang, Q., Gu, Y., Wang, W., Wang, Z.* (2018) Dynamic Network Communication in the Human Functional Connectome Predicts Perceptual Variability in Visual Illusion. Cereb. Cortex. 28:48-62.
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