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1.Gao, Z., Chen, W., Liu, M., Chen, X., Wan, L., Zhang, X., Yuan, L., Lin, J., Wang, M., Zhou, L., Xu, X., Sun, Y.* (2019) Tac1-Expressing Neurons in the Periaqueductal Gray Facilitate the Itch-Scratching Cycle via Descending Regulation. Neuron 101:45-59.
2.Li, X., Han, Y., Zhang, W., Wang, S., Wei, Y., Li, S., Lin, J., Yan, J., Chen, A., Zhang, X., Zhao, Z., Shen,  W. and Xu, X.*(2018) Agrp neurons project to the medial preoptic area and modulate maternal nest-building. J. Neurosci. 39:456-471.
3.Yao, J., Zhang, Q., Liao, X., Li, Q., Liang, S., Li, X., Zhang, Y., Li, X., Wang, H., Qin, H., Wang, M., Li, J., Zhang, J., He, W., Zhang, W., Li, T., Xu, F., Gong, H., Jia, H., Xu, X.*, Yan, J. *, Chen, X. * (2018) A corticopontine circuit for initiation of urination. Nat. Neurosci. 21:1541-1550
4.Wei, Y., Wang, S., Jiao, Z., Zhang, W., Lin, J., Li, X., Li, S., Zhang, X. & Xu, X.* (2018) Medial preoptic area in mice is capable of mediating sexually dimorphic behaviors regardless of gender. Nat. Commun. 9:279
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