Anatol Kreitzer, Ph.D.
Function and Dysfunction of Basal Ganglia Circuitry.
Institute of Neuroscience
As part of a major drive for excellence in basic research in the new millennium, the Chinese Academy of Sciences founded the Institute of Neuroscience (ION) on November 27, 1999. The ......
Non-apoptotic role of caspase-3 in synapse refinement
Dr. LUO Zhenge’s lab reported that caspase-3, the effector protease involved in apoptosis, mediates elimination of AChR clusters. They found that caspase-3 was activated by cholinergic stimulation of cultured muscle cells without inducing cell apoptosis and this activation was prevented by agrin.....
Researchers reveal differential effect of longevity manipulations on aging of nervous system in C. elegans
A study from Dr. CAI Shiqing’s lab reported that extension of lifespan does not necessarily delay age-related behavioral deterioration. The study demonstrates that dietary restriction preserves healthy behaviors in aged worms at least partially by sustaining a high 5-HT/DA level.....
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