The 37th International Forum on Frontiers of Neuroscience
Institute of Neuroscience
As part of a major drive for excellence in basic research in the new millennium, the Chinese Academy of Sciences founded the Institute of Neuroscience (ION) on November 27, 1999. The ......
Expanding C-T Base Editing Toolkit with Diversified Cytidine Deaminases
In a study published in Nature Communications, researchers from Dr. QIU Zilong’s lab at the Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and collaborators from ZhongShan Hospital, Fudan University established new cytosine base editors (CBEs) with diversified cytidine deaminases from lampreys. As compared to existed CBEs, new CBEs displayed more diversified and expanded editing windows, with lower off-target activities. This study provides alternative toolkits for the applications of CBEs in the future.....
Active Information Maintenance in Working Memory by a Sensory Cortex
A recent study published in eLife demonstrates that the anterior piriform cortex (APC), which is an olfactory sensory cortex, is important for the active information maintenance in working memory. This work was performed by researchers in Dr. LI Chengyu’s Lab at the Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology, Institute of Ne....
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