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Non-human Primate Anatomical Research Platform

The Anatomical Research Platform of ION was established in 2017 for studying the mesoscopic connectome of Non-human Primate. It is located in 320 Yueyang Road, Shanghai, China.

The mesoscale networks of the cortex derive their specificity from the strength of the inter-areal connectivity, requiring accurate quantification of anatomical connectivity. A brain-navigation technique allows 0.2mm precision targeting of tracers. In addition to sectioning equipment for large brain, the platform is equipped with histology processing facilitates for immuno and histochemical staining. High-throughput processing is ensured with automated slide scanning for fluorescent material. Computer piloted mapping of labeled neurons ensures large-scale two-dimensional density maps for correlation of anatomical connectivity with whole brain imaging including high-resolution structural MRI, diffusion MRI and functional connectivity from fMRI. 

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