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Services and Technical Support Provided

Min Zhang:Manager, Senior  Engineer

Education: Ph.D. , University of Science and Technology of China
Office:Room A2306, New building 
Telephone:(021) 5492 1815

Songlin Qian:Manager,Senior Experimentalist

Education: Shanghai Fudan Information Management College, Shanghai, China.
Office: Room A0416, new building
Telephone: (021) 5492 1847
E-mail: slqian@@ion.ac.cn

Haiyan Wu: Assistant Investigator

Education: M.S., Yangzhou University
Office: Room A0420, New Building 
Telephone: (021) 5492 1886
E-mail: wuhaiyan@@ion.ac.cn

Zhenning Zhou: Experimentalist

Education: B.S., East China Normal University
Office: Room 2306, New building 
Telephone: (021) 5492 1815
E-mail: zhouzn@@ion.ac.cn

Chunling Li: Engineer

Education: B.S., ShenYang Pharmaceutical University
Office: Room A0420, New Building 
Telephone: (021) 5492 1886
E-mail: lichunling@@ion.ac.cn

Xiaojia Wang: Experimentalist

Education: B.S., China Pharmaceutical University
Office: Room A0420, New Building 
Telephone: (021) 5492 1886 
E-mail: wangxiaojia@@ion.ac.cn

Lijuan Quan: Experimentalist

Education:M.S. , Lanzhou University
Office:Room0416,new building
Telephone:(021) 5492 1886

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