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The electron microscopy facility of the institute of neuroscience (previously the electron microscopy facility of the brain research institute) was established in 1980. At present, equipments managed by this facility include a Jeol JEM-1230 transmission electron microscope, a Hitachi S-2460N scanning electron microscope, a Hitachi E-1010 Ion Sputter, a HCP-2 Critical Point Dryer, a Leica-Ultrotome UC7/ UC6, a Leica EM AMW, a Leica CM1950 cryostat, a Microm HM525 cryostat, a Leica Vibratome VT1200S, a Lecia RM2255 Ultra-Thin automatic Microtome and a Leica SP9000 knife sharpener. The lab is currently the more advanced public laboratory in electron microscopy research.

The transmission electron microscope (TEM) is widely used for obtaining high-resolution images of ultrastructures. In addition to its importance for morphological studies, when used in combination with image processing and 3D reconstruction, it provides important data for life science and clinical research. The samples are prepared as ultrathin slices (no more than 100 nm thick, usually around 60 nm when operated at 100 KV). The ultrathin slice preparation is key to obtaining good images, and its principals and practical aspects are similar to but more difficult than paraffin sectioning for light microscopy, including fixation, dehydration, embedding, staining and shadowing steps.
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Our facility is open 9 hours per day and 5 days per week for services on the electron microscopes and 14 hours per day and 6 days per week for use of the cryostats.

The Electron Microscopy Facility provides service to investigators of ION as well as those from other SIBS affiliated institutions on an hourly-fee basis or a fee-for-service basis. Outside users from surrounding universities and local biotechnology industries are accommodated schedule permitting.

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